Saudi Expats: Convert Family Visit Visa in To Permanent

When an expat take his family with himself to live in Saudi Arabia on Visit Visa than this means period of living with family is short when the visit visa validity comes to an end, expats try to find things that might increase their stay which only possible by extending visa validity and converting it to permanent. Visit visa can be extend up to 180 days after that family must travel back to their home.

While visit visa cannot be converted according to official guidelines according to Arab News and other sources states. People also contacted Jawazat to ask them about converting visit visa, the representative sometime tells that yes it can be converted but no one tells the procedure. The procedure requires more effort and at last it is chance it can be rejected by MOI.

Many people online on different websites discusses their success and share it, one of person named MR Afrim also share the procedure Online, this is not official nor our website recommending this to follow.

Procedure to Convert Family Visit Visa into Permanent Family Visa


Letter from Sponsor for Ministry of Interior with sponsor stamp.

Take this letter and attested it from chamber of Commerce.

Take letter and these document with yourself at Ahwal e Madni building:

Letter(stated above)

Your original Iqama and copy

Original passport of family member with copy of passport

Visa Copy

Your original degree attested from Saudi Cultural Attache and Embassy in you home country as well as MOFA Saudi Arabia with Arabic translation

After few days MOI send you a message with contact number call that number after one week, they ask you for some details and give the status of application if they say that visa is still in progress than don’t wait, go to Olaya street in the building of MOI with blue glasses, the might tell you what are flaws in your application.

Ahwal e Madni building:

Olaya Street Near Saudi Airline and McDonald’s building

GPS: 24.7531862,46.6553142.

The Procedure is Take from Life in Saudi Arabia Blog