Is New Dependent Fee is applicable on less than 18 Years old

Budget 2017 is still in fresh in the minds of Saudi expatriates, the announcement of monthly levy which hit backs every expat working and living here with his family. When the fee is just announced with its few features and after a month it will also told that this fee will be collected with Iqama renewal. But still many things were missing who take responsibility of such heavy fees that were not annually but to be paid on monthly basis. What if any person has his family with him can’t afford this fee in his salary and allowance. Many questions may be cleared in the month of July but one question asked to me by many expat workers Is the fee is applicable for less than 18 years old children or for more than 18 year old.

Those who don’t know when your child age become more than 18 usually his Iqama expires or he can’t renew iqama until his sponsor gives proper reason such as it can be renewed if in case he/she is student but this can also be not more than 25 year old after 25 he has to find the job and transfer to new sponsor or he has to ¬†go back until apply again with new visa application it is because its a age limit when child may settle by himself.

People might thinking that the fee is not for less than 18 years old it is for more than 18 year old child dependent but according to the budget announcement and Arab News report it is clearly stated that

” Dependents of expats will each incur a monthly fee of SR100, from July onwards”


“Dependents of expats will each incur a monthly fee of SR200, from July 2018 onwards”

The “dependents of expats” means those who came under your sponsorship everyone whether they are more than 18 or less than 18 even your mother father or wife all of the will be included in calculation of expat levy.

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