Saudi comes to the Save the Life of Pakistani Driver

Rustam khan a Truck Driver suddenly become most lucky person. Rustam driver is Pakistani Expatriate living in Saudi Arabia  he is in trouble for one year due to accident in which his vehicle is invovled in the accident a military personnel died in taif. According to Saudi Gazatte. Many driver from Pakistan were working Saudi Arabia especially on heavy Vehicle it is also called that there is no match for Pakistani driver in whole gulf but still accidents are part of drivers life and ones in every life of these heavy vehicles driver face this accident some are extreme while other are just not so risky.

Talking about Rustam who is just here in Saudi Arabia to earn living for his family barely make ends meet, was required to pay SR 250,000 as blood money. He even offered to sell his kidney in exchange of money in his video.

As i told you he really become lucky when Saudi comedy actor Fayez Al-Malki announce that a helpful person want not to identified is agreed to pay entire amount of blood money.

The video clips is showed on Facebook where Al-Malki is counting the money himself and than handing over the cash to Rustam Khan’s kin. The parent of that military personnel didn’t want the money so it go to family of him.

This is not a first time story but many many generous Saudis always become the helping hand for these type of people. It doesn’t matter in which society you lived there always such kind of open hearten people always waiting for helpless people.

Source: Saudi Gazatte