The destiny come to its final point when expatriate have to exit from Saudi Arabia, every person and his family must finally exit Saudi Arabia when his period of stay is over or the job completion. Many people in Saudi Arabia are now living here from up to more than 30 to 40 years, they came here to earn living for their family living abroad when Saudi Arabia first start to develop. These expatriates have huge contribution in making of the Saudi Arabia’s largest cities. Well despite of years of your stay when going back to your home country you need Final exit visa. today I’ll show you what things you have to consider before and after process of Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Final Exit After Job Resignation: Sometimes expat don’t just want to do job and may be he get another job in another country. In order to resignation from his company he must first give Notice period. The duration of notice period is usually written on Job  contract. According to Saudi Labor law employee must tell his employer before 30 days that he want to resign so that employer don’t face any burden. Changes in Saudi Labor Law 2016
  2. Accommodation Rent: House contract with landlord is different than job contract. When anyone get keys from his landlord usually they pay 3 to 6 month rent in advance with some other refundable. If you are final exiting from Saudi Arabia just give the Notice to land lard before 30 days, if some of your paid months left try to find another person who can take the house on rent and also buy your items. There are huge number of expatriates wanting the house on rent.
  3. Clear Electricity Bills: Don’t due anything in Saudi Arabia during final exit it will get you in trouble usually if you left an dues at your own name than authorties after finding your employer ask him to put him on huroob which is really bad. Regarding Electricity it is the lowest bill in Saudi Arabia usually on normal usage 50 to 200 SAR must  pay before exit. Check Electricity Bill Online
  4. Deactivate Landline/SIMS: This is another major step, if you have any landline connection of STC than deactivate it before final exit by calling STC before 15 days. If any due is applicable on you ask them how much if they don’t tell. Any other postpaid must be deactivated.Must pay all due don’t left anything which might put hurdle at immigration department at airport.
  5. Selling Vehicle: Selling vehicle is time consuming, tell your friends and job fellows that you are selling your car even if you know any mechanic tell him also. Usually people are intending to buy car but the offers are not really Good. To get good offer place ads on Online Sites, Facebook Groups is another option for you. Usually foreigner from Western countries gives good amount for this try to post ad on Expatriates.com. Transfer of Istamara(vehicle Ownership) take one day. Follow the procedure of istamara Transfer.
  6. Traffic Violation Clearance: Find all of your violations under your iqama using ministry of Interior e-services. It is better to check every days when final exiting from Saudi Arabia. Also take care of your driving as it is not certain when you got in trouble and you face heavy fine at most crucial times. Check Traffic Violation Online Saudi Arabia
  7. Credit cards and Police Clearance Certificate: There is charges you have to pay for credit card must pay them before exit. It is better to just surrender and deactivate the credit card before final exit. Getting police clearance can ensure you lot of safety while exiting from Saudi Arabia. Check Procedure of Police Clearance Certificate from KSA. How to Get Police Clearance Certificate 
  8. Sending of Household items to Home country: To send items in to native country you have to acquired cargo service. There are two cargo service types first through sea and second using Air. Sea cargo service in cheaper than air but it takes time to reach at your home country.
  9. Withdraw Money from Bank: Before processing of Final Exit Visa it is suggested to withdraw or send all of money in bank to home country. Your bank automatically deactivated on Iqama expiry. Sometime your iqama expired just before few days to final exit than you can reactivate bank account by showing final exit visa paper.
  10. End of Service Benefits(Compensation, Gratuity): Must analyze how much ESB applicable for you. Than must check how to transfer the money usually through bank transfer the cut exchange charges as well as they give lesser exchange rate. It is better to take it as a cash and than exchange it from any agent in home country. Must be careful about how much Money you can take out from Saudi Arabia through airport. End of Service Benefits ESB Calculation
  11. Departure from KSA: You must have to leave Saudi Arabia within the date of validity of Final Exit Paper as your iqama is no more applicable now after final exit is issued. Do not overstay now just try to leave after doing all necessary thing I above show you.
  12. Final Visa Stamp: While applying for new visa you required to show final exit paper but according to new system all the information is update Online. So ask agent to check the previous exit through Saudi Embassy.