Postal Zip Codes of 13 Cities of Saudi Arabia

The postal/zip code is a number, usually that relate to your home address, which allows different postal companies ordering correspondence areas before being distributed . In other words it is a code, key or numerical figure that helps identify a region or zip code. The main purpose of a postal code is to facilitate the direction of something specific, so that instead of having to read the full address only the key and read a letter or package and is sent to the office relevant post in that area.

Notably, the postal code may vary depending on the country , as an example of we can mention countries such as Mexico, the United States and other countries use a key five numbers; when in other countries they use four numbers. Another example is Canada , where a combination is used 3 digits and 3 letters interleaved or its part in the UK are also a mixture of numbers and letters, but can vary. In Saudi Arabia the Postal code consists of five digits with only numbers. The term ZIP, an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan.

According to the RAE , zip code is that relationship or group of numbers, formed from figures have key functionality for the different areas, districts, towns, sectors, in order to be sorted and distributed to the mail.

This postcode system originated or was implemented for the first time in Ukraine , which by then was part of the USSR in 1932, and then stop using it in 1939. Years later, specifically in 1941 Germany implant this system, to be followed by Argentina in 1958 , then United Kingdom in 1959, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964.

There are certain countries around the world that do not have this type of Zip/postal code , one of them is Ireland ; but it is important to say that most countries have different mail services

City of Saudi Arabia Postal Code/Zip Code
Jeddah 21577
Riyadh 11564
Makkah 21514
Madinah 20012
Dammam 31433
Khobar 31952
Taif 21431
Tabuk 50060
Qassim, Buraidah 51431
Khamis 61961
Najran 61441
Sakaka 75471
Yanbu 30799