People Applying for Permanent residence or going for work to countries in Europe or Americas usually requires Police Clearance Certificate. One of our website visitor ask us that he receive a letter form Citizenship and Immigration Canada that he has to submit Police Clearance Certificate before applying for residence visa of Canada. So, i decide to help him by giving the information I got from various sources. Today I share that information with all of you.

Police Clearance certificate sometimes also called Good Conduct Certificate. This certificate shows the history of applicant conduct while living in country, it is issued by government agency or police. This certificate  includes criminal records of applicant if he commit any criminal activity.

Sometimes embassies around the world asked permanent resident applicant to give certificate from all countries where you until lived. In this case some of you previously lived in Bahrain and move to other country than you need to follow the separate procedure. In my opinion if you have future plan to move to UK, USA, Canada or any other country you must try to make this certificate while staying within Bahrain as if you move outside its become difficult to get certificate in less time.

Police Clearance Certificate Inside Bahrain:

If a person residing inside the Bahrain and want to obtain the certificate he must complete the procedure by himself. Expatriate can only obtain this certificate after staying of six months in Bahrain

  1. Take the letter of request from embassy of country where you applying for residence to General directorate of crime detection and forensic science
  2. They give you the application form or you can also download the application form from here.
  3. Officers at DFS(directorate of forensic science) take your finger prints on application form also be done at nearest police station.
  4. Copy of Cpr Card/Id Card
  5. 3 passport size photographs with white or blue background .
  6. Photocopy of Passport with previous resident permits stamped in passport
  7. Fee of 1 Bahrain Rials

Police Clearance Certificate Outside The Bahrain:

As I already told you that it is better to make Good conduct Certificate while residing inside Bahrain in case you don’t able to come back to Bahrain than you can ask any of your friend, representative in Bahrain to get this certificate by using above procedure if not then you have to follow below procedure:

  1. You need to bring copy of Passport which is used while in Bahrain to embassy of Bahrain in country. And following documents
  2. Copy of Old Stamped Resident Visa that is expired
  3. Copy of current passport (If Any)
  4. Current Valid Resident Permit Copy
  5. 3 photos with white or blue backgrounds
  6. The fee will be more than 1 bd or fingerprint fee might also be charged. In UK the fee for application is  £42 and fingerprint is  £30.
  7. Embassy will give you the form for fingerprint which can be done inside embassy or from Police department.

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