How To Come Back in Oman If Passport/Visa is Lost

If you are a resident of Oman with valid residence visa stamp of Oman on your passport and travels to other country for vacation or annual leave where you lost your passport and you only left with resident card of Oman with yourself. Now the question is how do you come back Oman without residence visa?

One of our visitor ask the question that he travel to Mumbai India last month of December 2016 he has valid employment visa/residence visa of Oman, unfortunately He lost his passport with residence visa in India and he only left with Resident Card of Oman, his visa is valid for Oct 2017.

You have to follow the below guidelines in order to get back into Oman:

  1. First if you left with 1 week of leave or holidays try to make new Passport as soon as possible.
  2. Contact your sponsor/company in Oman and tell them the situation they might guide you what to do next.
  3. In home country follow the procedure of loss passport, for India and other south Asian countries file the report to police and get copy of report. And submit the Passport loss application to Passport office.
  4. If you have resident card of Oman than the procedure to enter again in Oman will become very easy. In home country first at airport, must take passport loss report with yourself to pass the immigration officers. Now at airport in Oman you can use Resident Card and pass through the eGate entry system, here the e-machines scans your fingerprint and let you to enter in Oman.
  5. After entering in Oman with help of your sponsor or company PRO stamped your new passport with Oman residence visa(Fee Applied).
  6. Well for those who also lost Resident card with Passport the procedure may get difficult as you need to send the passport to your company PRO or Sponsor in Oman where he have to stamp it from ROP and the send it back to his employee so that he can come to Oman safely.
  7. You can also Report Lost Documents to ROP.

In India you can get Duplicate of Passport by applying for “Re-issue” of passport at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). For more about India Passport Damage Visit PSK FAQs for Lost Passport.

Try to contact Oman consulate or Mission in Country to tell the the situation of Passport they might also help you for further procedures.
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