There are five Tests You must have to perform for Oman Driving license Eye Vision Test, Traffic Sign Test, Drum Test, Slope Test and Practical Driving on Road. Drum Test new to many of us as this s usually not performed in many countries. Today we discuss what is this test is for and what Skill you accomplished after passing this test and of course how to pass this test with some techniques.

What is Drum Test and Its Purpose:

Well Drum means a metal circular box which is mostly used for storage of heavy liquids like oil and even water. Drum Test means a Test taken by placing drums each to other in a row by giving empty space between them from which vehicle can pass.

Getting passed through the drum provide as a skill to park vehicle properly without touching of vehicle. Those passed this test can now be fully skilled to park vehicle that is way this test is mandatory to Pass. Without this there is no chance you can get Oman driving license.

For expatriates the drum test seems difficult and useless as this make the process of getting driving license long which impact on their job.

How to Perform Drum Test:

There is no Traffic Inspector while performing this test in your car. You will be alone in the car, there are two starting point of test one from left and another from right, on starting points two drums were placed, you have to start  from two drums after that you have to pass the vehicle reversely from two rows of drum. 

The test is taken  2 times one from left and than right must wait for signal of ROP officer before running the vehicle. Keep in Mind Slightest Touch with drum can fail you in Test.

Tips and Techniques for Passing Drum Test:

  1. The only and most first thing to Pass Drum Test is Practice. Try to practice the test unless you perfectly pass through the drums.
  2. ROP have car that will be provided to you for test. But it is best to Take your own car while going through Drum.
  3. Reversing can only be done best by going slow.
  4. Find a best point to turn the vehicle the point is just after the starting drums. Never miss that point.
  5. Always check and keep your side mirrors in perfect position.
  6. DO NOT keep your foot on the accelerator pedal for long time. Use clutch and brake pedals. When you shift to reverse gear, release the brake very, very slowly.
  7. Use the Clutch to control the vehicle speed.
  8. After taking Turn on Perfect point keep your steering straight. Don,t move steering during passing through drum this may touch the drum.
  9. One of the major thing is holding of stress and nervousness while performing test those who get stressed and nervousness usually failed the test even on their 5th attempt. Best way to keep yourself calm is practicing of Test before doing the the test.

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For More Guidance on Drum Test in Oman Must See the Video Ibrahim SSA


Always follow the instuctions by ROP officer and must wait for signal of officer before starting of Test. Once test is started it is not permissible to to change gear or go forward. After starting of test you required to keep vehicle in reverse position pass through drum, you are allowed to apply brake