Fine for Throwing Garbage and Spitting From Car in Saudi Arabia

Not try to spit or throw garbage from moving vehicle in Saudi Arabia in case of you get caught led you to pay fine of SAR 150. According to report from Makkah Arabic Daily. Any person if expatriate or local saudi who found doing this act face the Penalty. The violation comes under the category of 4 which is stated under the list of Throwing objects from Moving Vehicle or while driving.

The fine starts from 100 SAR and maximum of SAR 150. According to Health Expert around the world these objects such as foods, plastic items, covers, bags, Industrial packing and even spitting were harmful for environment. Many diseases such as transferable diseases tuberculosis and bronchitis spread from one individual to other through Spitting. Some diseases bacteria is so powerful that it can survive for months in absence of sunlight.

In Saudi Arabia These pollutants treatments require 10 percent of GNP  Gross National Product. Local media reports than in case any individual caught while doing this violation may face immediately fine. Also Traffic department media cell receiving complaints about persons through Garbage from their vehicles.

It is easy to through Garbage and spitting on Streets but for controlling pollution and then eradicating its harmful effects required lot of resources putting negative affects on economy. It is responsibility of society as whole to stop doing these kind of actions even if there is no fine.

Countries around the world signing different agreements to control the Pollution as this is the main cause of climate change. More and More countries effecting from diseases which required to be control but only if we stop polluting our environment,