Do you want to know all personal information about yourself in Kuwait Online system. In order to improve the services provided to residents and citizens of Kuwait MOI in collaboration with PACI, General Department Of Information System has make system that helps residents to access to their own confidential system using quick and secure online system.

Using this inquiry Kuwait Citizens And Residents can inquire about following services

Visa Status Inquiry Service

Election Record Data for Kuwaitis

Sponsorship Data

Residency Data with Immigration fines once the residency of Non Kuwaitis expire

Visa Data

Driving Licenses Data

Vehicles Licenses Data

Traffic Violations and their Details

Travel Ban Data

Judgments Execution Data

To get this service it is mandatory to register on MOI website see the procedure of registration below:

1. Visit The official website and click on start e-service button.

2. Now click on New User and enter your civil id Number and nationality.

3. Your civil id must be valid to register with this service.

4. After registration visit again and click on “Personal Inquiry” to check and see all the moi service as stated above.

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