Kuwait labour laws explains every expect of Overtime calculation of Private workers in their labor law document called Law No 6 of the year 2010 having title of “Promulgating the Law of Labor in the Private Sector”. Overtime is given by employer to his workers due to specific reason sometimes employee himself willing to work for long time due to increase in his remuneration. In kuwait labour laws articles which define and give criteria for Overtime are 21, 64, 66, and 80.

Lets talk about main and most important article no 66 which is for every employee working in private sector According to this law employer or company gives a written order to his employee to work overtime, if the overtime necessity is required for the purpose of preventing a dangerous accident, repairing damages arising from such accident, avoiding a loss or facing an unusual work load.

The total overtime  allowed is 2 hours a day and 180 hours in a year. Distributed on 3 days a week and 90 days in a year.

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The overtime pay is calculated with 25 percent increase in his original hourly working pay. Let see in real life example how you can calculate you daily overtime rate.

Example: Employee is working in Kuwait on Basic Salary of 250 per month. Now in order to get overtime rate you need to calculate daily and hourly salary.

Daily Salary:  250/30 = 8.33

Hourly Salary: 8.33/8-hours = 1.04

25 percent increase in overtime means multiply with hourly rate with  1.25

Overtime per hour: 1.04 x 1.25 = 1.3 Kuwaiti Dinar and 300 fills
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The above 8 hours is daily working hours, it is forbidden to allow workers to work for more than 48 hours per week or 8 hours a day according to Article 64.

Moreover employer must have to keep record of overtime with total time, date and how much paid to worker during overtime. Also those works assigned to worker other than overtime hours. Also those record which were describe in Article 80 of Kuwaiti Labor Laws.

In Article 21 of Labour Laws of Kuwait the overtime calculation is meant for juvenile employees having age between 15 to 18. The maximum working hours for juvenile is 6 hours and must be given with break after every one hours. They shall not be given work for overtime from 7:00 evening to 6:00 morning and during rest days or holidays.