Exit permit is a document which legally require to obtain  for expatriates who were leaving Qatar, this document assure that leaving person is legally leaving from Qatar and he/she don’t have any dues left within Qatar. Employer apply for their employees exit permit when their visa is to be expired. Well now people leaving from Qatar don’t need them to carry as Hamad International Airport announced new Self Service Kiosk Machine than can scan eyes and fingerprints and identify in less than minute.

MOI Qatar train and assists new and leaving visitors of Qatar if they face any problem using this new E-Gate system. Kiosk machines are available for arrival and departures from Hamad international airport.

Technician assists travelers to get their bio-metric registered on Machines.

Last month expatriates need to register for e gate system before using them at airport for which they have to pay fee and enter their bio-metric data at immigration department but now according to official the E-gate system is now totally free for traveler having age more than 18.

E-gate system is totally free and people don’t need to register for this service from this month.

HOW TO USE E-Gate System:

Traveler need to place the identity card on e-reader at the e-gate on kiosk machine, the machine will read and scan the data stored in card and verify. The first Glass Door open if passenger got his EXIT PERMIT. Now people don’t practically need to show exit permit the machine scan and verify whether the exit permit to passenger is issued or not.
On second glass door the e-gate kiosk machine will matches the travel documents data, scan eyes and fingerprints. If all the data verified the final glass door will open. And passenger moves towards baggage area or boarding area.
If your ID card is not a smart ID card with chip then still you can use kiosk machines at e-gates

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