New Strict baggage rules at Dubai airport

If your Suitcase is Bulky Fancy or irregular in Shape than get ready as Dubai Airport are now implementing new baggage rules from tomorrow march 8, 2017. Dubai Airport tries its best to keep baggage system as smooth as possible but despite of technology and advance services all this goes to waste due to irregular shaped and bulky bags. Bags having no flat surface are considered as culprits of baggage jams. These jams take time to recovers hence waste the time of baggage picking as well as baggage delivery to airplane.

So what changes in rules are coming:

Not Allowed irregular shape baggage

No bulky over sized bags

No bags having rounded shape

Baggage more than the size of 90cm long, 75cm height, and 60cm wide as well as not with any flat surface need to be placed at over sized baggage counter to checked in further. These round baggage is given with facility to repack them in boxes after paying fee.

Bags will not be accepted if they don’t have flat surface.

Only 100ml of liquid hand luggage is allowed

Place your personal belongings in clear plastic packets

Put the plastic resealable packets in your hand luggage.

Tips Related to Baggage packing for Dubai Airport:

Try to pack small personal things in hand luggage. At security scan laptops will be checked so keep them in your hand while checking in. Cut the old baggage tags to avoid error at baggage system. Not use endurable baggage packing, must insured your trip with travel insurance.