Expats Worker living in Oman can check their labor card and contract information online which is officially provided by Ministry of Manpower Oman. Many expats don’t know that it is right of them to see what are the things written in his labour contract, these details are necessary in various stages such as this contract could tell you how much gratuity will paid when you resign or terminated, this will also tell provisions related to NOC and job change as well as this main evidence in case of labor violation.

By this service you would able to see following information

Sponsor Name,  Commercial Register Number,  Name,  Card Status Date,  Date of Birth,  Basic Salary,  Education Allowance,  Issue Date,  Expiry Date.  Nationality,  Occupation, Status, Visa date, Visa number

  1. To Check Labour Card and Contract Visit Official Ministry of Manpower Oman Service.
  2. The default language is Arabic Change the language from Right Upper Corner
  3. After that Click on Start Service.
  4. A new window opens with three empty field, in first enter Civil Number, in second enter passport number and at last field enter Date of Birth as stated on your passport.
  5. At Last click on Search button to view required information stated above.