Muqeem Identity Cards Replaced Iqama

The government of Saudi Arabia will introduce new machine readable resident identity cards to expatriates from the first day of first Islamic month 1437 hijri or 14 October 2015. This is a new type of identity card which is called muqeem card or resident identity card, this card can give more efficiency and better fight against fraud.
This card was launched by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Naif deputy premier minister of MOI Saudi Arabia. The department will no longer use old name of “iqama” from now. This service is hassle free as muqeem cards send to expats and companies through Saudi Post(Wassil), and there is no need to visit offices.

Col. Khalid Al-Saykhan, director of information technology, told Arab News this new muqeem card will last for five years. From now old identity card will be replaced with this one. He also says that new muqeem card does not means that there is any change in residence law.

Some Good points of Muqeem Card:

– Muqeem card is valid for five years or more it does not contian any expiry date however employer or sponsor renew the card from muqeem online or abshir service easily. The residence (iqama) rules were not changed only the name iqama is changed with replacing old system with some modern system.

– Muqeem card in electronic card many information was now hidden inside this card about expats only machine can read those info. Visible things written on muqeem card was Name, Date of Birth, Photo, Occupation, Sponsor name, Work permit number.

– With new muqeem card Checking of expat identity is become really fast special machines were installed on banks, check points and other points.

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Information Printed on Muqeem card:

Card Holder’s name
Identification Number
Sponsor Name
Photo of Card Holder