MOI Online Fingerprint Registration of SIM Card

registration of sim card on abshir moi online

How to Register fingerprint of your SIM card in Saudi Arabia using online absher service. There are huge subscribers of telecom companies such as STC, Mobily, Zain, Virgin line up at their customer care center to bio metrically verify there identity under their SIM. Such system makes registration of SIMs more full proof and any one can be easily identified using their SIM cards. Now a days many countries around the world introduces bio-metric registration of SIMs to prevent various types of security threats. But as you know number of expatriates increasing in Saudi Arabia hence mobile subscribers numbers were also increasing this means more and more people visits SIM registration centers this in result make queues of lines more longer at centers and citizen or expats have to wait hours for their turn to register their sims.registration of sim card on abshir moi online

Fingerprint Registration for Expats in Jawazat(procedure)

The current development in IT world make these types of things more and more easy and saves a lot of time. Already many of services related to expats and citizens were became online especially services that were provided by MOI Ksa. Now it is time to make the registration of SIM system electronically.

Saudi Gazette news stated online that  National Information Center’s (NIC) director General Al-Shaddi said, Deputy premier and Minister of Interior, Crown Prince Muhammed Bin Naif asked the NIC (National Information Center) for convertion of the SIM registration system online and should be provided using online absher account of citizens or expats.

Registration of Abhser Account Online or Absher Service Activation full procedure

Some of the features of this services:>

>Don’t need to visit any Sim registration center and wait in long lines for waiting of your turn
>Everyone must have online abshir Account to register their SIM cards online
>SIM card registration can improve overall security and it is much easy to identofy the person with SIM card.

This new online system may announced soon just after one month starting June to start registration of SIMS. Also according to NIC the last date for Prepaid SIM subscribers is June, 2 2016 and for postpaid SIM subscribers is July 28, 2016. Those who still don’t register their SIM must have to must consider to register their sims otherwise the SIM could be block.
Those who don’t be able to fingerprint register their SIMs may first face SIM blocked for two week after that if still unregistered the sim will be block. The main fingerprint registration service was first introduced at starting of this year and it is now mandatory for every expat and citizen to register their SIM. This system is in his first phase and online registration system is part of this phase.