How to exit from huroob status without going to jail

How to Exit from Saudi Arabia under Huroob Status without going to jail? Check if your status is Huroob or not on moi ksa website after finding and confirmation of Huroob Status Now it is possible you have been caught by Jawazat Persons or Saudi Police and put in jail. Some of expats become lucky and get huroob status when outside of kingdom hence they protect themselves to caught in Jail. But Saudi government now taking this issue seriously and applies conditions on Huroob persons those who do not want to go Jail. Any expat having huroob Status confirmed can be able to go Home country if person qualifies for these conditions.How to exit from huroob status without going to jail

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Procedure to Exit From KSA under Huroob Status:

  1. First of all check and confirm your Huroob status by Visit Moi Ksa website or read this article.
  2. After confirmation of Huroob status immediately contact your Home country Embassy as your embassy is only office where you will be able to find help regarding Huroob status. Your embassy may request you to fill application and request for exit from Saudi Arabia.
  3. Always tries to make your stay in Saudi Arabia clean and clear without any type of criminal offence after submitting application in embassy they check all of your past record in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Sometime passport is in pocket of your sponsor/kafeel and there is no ways to get your passport back than try to make new emergency passport the fee of this passport may be higher than ordinary but you have to do this fast as possible.
  5. Now its time to go to deportation center where they record your finger prints and complete other procedure if everything goes fine and smooth you will be able to Exit under Huroob status without going to Jail. See Also: Book Online Appointment with Jawazat in Amnesty Scheme


These condition is applied on those having huroob status and want to exit from Saudi Arabia without being caught in Jail.

  1. Contact your home country embassy and surrender to them that you are a huroob and want to exit from country.
  2. Do not have any type of pinelities, criminal records, late fees, or Traffic fines.
  3. You must have Money to purchase your own one way ticket as well as fee for new passport in case you do not have your passport in hands.
  4. Also the time is very precious try to complete procedure as soon as possible. Saudi Jawazat can give only two to three days after you request to embassy for Exit from country.