Minimum Salary Required For Family Visa in OMAN

Royal Oman Police (ROP) strictly implement the requirements of getting family visa. No one is allow to sponsor his family until he is eligible for getting the visa. Before 2013 the requirement was very less which is RO 300 – 350. But now the salary must be more than 600 RO those having salary even greater than 800 RO may get visa more easily for their families.(The Salary limit is now again reduced to OMR 300 from oct 7 2017)

Parliament certain time questioned this requirement and gives suggestion to lower the fee requirement but this fee is still 600 OMR. It is believed that if visa fee is lessen than more people bring their families in Oman which allows them to spend their salaries in Oman instead of sending out from Oman.

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These rules were strictly implemented due to ensuring living safety of families in Oman, if a person who don’t have his own accommodation and live on rent but have salary enough to meet his family daily needs than he is allow to bring family in Oman, but those who don’t have salary more than 600 OMR may didn’t able to fulfill needs of his family.

Also those who were on visit visas and want to get residence visa than in order to get this they must first need to exit the country and than come back on residence visa.