11 Methods for Making Money Online in Saudi Arabia

There are several ways to earn money online that were not only for world but also for people living in Saudi Arabia, some allow us to earn just enough to pay for Internet connection or cover some minor expenses, while others can allow us to earn enough to live comfortably and even make a fortune. Saudi Arabia have High population of expatriates who want to earn some extra cash bt they usually don’t know the ways. Below are the 10 best ways to earn Money Online in Saudi Arabia.


Also, some forms of earning money online in Saudi Arabia or any other country requires specialized programming and web design skills, as well as a great investment, while others only require basic knowledge that we can acquire quickly when navigating a little over the network, and as an investment, just a computer and a connection to Internet.

Ways To Make Money Online That Really Work

The following are 10 ways to make money online that really work for Saudi Arabia as well as any other country, which can make us earn at least a respectable amount of money, and that are available to any of us:

1.Build a virtual store

Riding a virtual store can be reached significant a stable source of income and to make us a fortune, but as long as the store have a professional design that inspires confidence, you do proper have promotion and above all selling the products. You  can see many successful online stores in Saudi Arabia,

To create a virtual store we may need to have knowledge in web design and make use of some of the programs that exist in the network and that greatly simplify the process of creation, although if we do not have more knowledge, we can use the services Of a professional designer.

Some of the products that usually have a better reception in a virtual store are clothing (for example, T-shirts), crafts, jewelry, ebooks, and any product that is unique and novel, and difficult to find In physical markets.

2. Create a blog

Create a blog you can reach us win a lot of money, but usually in the long run, and as long as we dedicate ourselves completely to the blog, we update constantly, and you get a good visitor traffic.

Making a blog means giving genuine and original information to people there are many topics related to Saudi Arabia which were still not exist for example if you live in Saudi Arabia try to make photo blog of Saudi Tourism Places which attract many people around the world.

To create a blog we can use some of the platforms for free blogs that exist in the network (the best known being WordPress and Blogger), which help us to design and manage our blog in a simple way without having more knowledge in web design .

While to make our blog generate revenue, we can choose to sell our own products (for example, ebooks), third-party products (for example, products that we obtain through affiliate programs), rent advertising space or use Advertising programs.

3.Affiliate Programs

Working with affiliate programs , with regard to selling the products they offer, you can significarnos a good source of income, as long as we choose a good affiliate program, choose products with good demand, and make a comprehensive promotion of these.

In Saudi Arabia you also try Affiliate program from souq Saudi Arabia

To start working with affiliate programs, it’s just a matter of registering for one of these (the best known being Amazon and ClickBank programs), selecting the products that we want to promote, and promoting them on our website or blog, in networks Social, via email marketing, etc., earning a commission every time we get to send a person to the website where a product is sold, and that it decides to buy it.

4.Write an ebook

Write an ebook can reach us win a lot of money, as long as the ebook comes to have a great reception, something that could be very difficult to achieve, especially in the Hispanic market.

Once written our ebook we can sell it in our virtual store, web page or blog, through affiliate programs (which allow us to have distributors interested in selling it), or Amazon Kindle format (probably the easiest and fastest way To start selling an ebook).

As for the subject of the ebook, it is advisable to write about a topic that we are passionate about, that we dominate or that, in any case, we are very interested in dominating; But at the same time it is an issue that is well received on the Internet (in the Spanish-speaking market literary subjects may not be well received, but the didactic ones, especially those related to the Internet, for example, an ebook that could Succeeding is one that teaches how to write and sell an ebook on the Internet).

5. Sell products at auction sites

Sell products on auction sites can significarnos an occasional income if only we are dedicated to sell products that, for example, no longer use, or a good source income if we take it as a business, and as long as they comply with certain requirements such as climbing Good images of our products, answer all the queries that make us, and make us a good reputation.

To start selling products on auction sites it is only a matter of registering at one of these sites (the best known being eBay and MercadoLibre), uploading images of our products, and publishing a brief description of these as well as related aspects such as prices, Forms of payment, shipping methods, among others.

6. Work as a freelance

Working as a freelance Internet can significarnos a good source of income, if you offer a service of good quality that not only do our customers come back to contract us , but also publish positive feedback from us and recommend us to other consumers.

To work as a freelancer on the Internet, we can create a web page through which we offer and offer our services, or simply register in one of the specialized sites for freelancers that exist (for example, Freelancer), publish our profile and our services, And wait for customers to contact us.

Among the most demanded Internet freelance services are virtual consulting, virtual secretarial services, article writing, document translation, web page design, Internet marketing, search engine positioning, among others.

7. Fill out paid surveys

Online surveys filled survey probably not make us a fortune, but enough to have an extra income that can help us to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if we get to fill a large number of surveys.

To earn money by filling out paid surveys online, it is only a question of registering at one of the sites that offer this possibility (which in some cases may involve a small investment), and then fill out the surveys that send us to our email address electronic.

For each survey that we fill out we earn a small amount of money depending on the size of the survey, and in some cases may earn a commission for the surveys that come to fill the referrals that we have achieved.

8. Sell photos

As in the case of surveys, sell photos online probably not make us millionaires, but also to satisfy our passion for photography, you can significantly get extra income that can help you to cover some expenses or pay off some debts, if That we get to offer attractive images and of good quality.

To make money by selling photos online, it is only a matter of signing up for one of the sites that offer this possibility (among which we can highlight iStockphoto and Fotolia), upload our photos or images, and wait for consumers to decide to buy them, Percentage of the sale of each one of them.

9. Investing in Forex

Investing in the Forex market can make us earn a good amount of money, as long as we get to know well the operation of this market, able to identify and analyze well the factors that determine the fluctuations of the exchange rates of currencies.

To start investing in Forex, it is only a matter of searching for an Internet Forex trader, opening an account with him, depositing the money that we are willing to invest (making sure to invest only a surplus of our money that we do not have destined to our expenses And tell the operator the foreign currency purchase and sale operations that we wish to carry out.

10. Upload videos to YouTube

Upload videos to YouTube can make us earn a good amount of money if our videos come to have a high number of views, and to make us win a small fortune if they do become viral. In Saudi Arabic People usually like videos with Arabic Language but usually expatriates in Saudi Arabia watch English and their Native language videos.

To begin, we must register on YoutTube, upload our videos, put each of them their title, their description and the tags that best classify it, and then wait for YouTube to enable our account so we can place ads on the videos, winning A percentage of the revenue that the ads generate.

The videos that come to have a high number of reproductions are usually the didactic(teaching) videos, for example, those where some manual activity is taught; While videos that become viral are often videos that show something out of the ordinary, and are extremely fun.

11- Working as virtual assistant

Virtual assistantThis is gaining much popularity in the virtual world. As more and more traditional companies are creating their sites to expand to the internet. They need virtual assistants for research, finding things, doing time-consuming tasks, making phone calls or installing software programs, and so on. See how being virtual assistant