Kingdom Tower the Next Tallest Building in the List

the kingdom tower
© Jeddah Economic Company/Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture

The Kingdom tower is aiming to become world tallest building according to wikipedia its planned height will be 1,008 m (3,307 ft) (planned). The Kingdom tower in Jeddah’s coast facing red sea will become next tallest building by stealing the title of world tallest building from Burj Khalifa Dubai. The.The project’s lead architect, Adrian Smith, says the new tower will be “a gateway, a marker and a symbol for Saudi Arabia”.

This tower can be surrounded by a Kingdom City this cost 20$ Billion that was build subsequently. The idea was same as given by Le Corbusier’s means “towers in The Park”. All gulf countries desert surface is now covered with these marvelous structures, after the petro chemical discoveries this is called “gulf futurism” by Sophia Al Maria.
The chosen place Jeddah is considered as liberal part of Saudi Arabia comparing to conservative city of capital Riyadh. The project’s developers, told that Kingdom City will “position the city of Jeddah on the international scene of modern regional cities, alongside the downtown of Beirut and Downtown Dubai”.
Same as world tallest building Burj the Kingdom Tower has a Y-shaped cross-section with three wings separated by 120 degrees, one pointed towards Mecca. “Its specific form comes more from the image of a new palm about to spread its fronds,” Smith says. The wings emerge from a triangular core containing lifts and services, and the plan gives stability against skyscrapers’ traditional enemy: the lateral forces of wind.

the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will rise at least 1,000 metres into the Saudi Arabian sky
The Kingdom Tower construction site in January 2015. Photograph: Jeddah Economic Company