How to Transfer Credit From VIVA to VIVA

VIVA Bahrain and Kuwait one of the fastest growing Telecommunication services provider owned by STC in Both countries, In this guide we i’ll see how prepaid customer can transfer balance to another viva subscriber.  Sharing balance now a common practice of subscribers and every company must give the best service which allow its user to do the procedure easily. Sharing Credit requires to follow certain rules which we defined below in case of VIVA. Let see How to Transfer Viva Balance to other Viva User in Bahrain as well as in Kuwait.

Viva Credit Transfer Service

With this service any Viva prepaid user can transfer balance to another prepaid user.

There are 3 Methods to Transfer Balance for Viva Bahrain

First Method: 

Enter The USSD Code:


Second Method:

Write SMS: T<Amount><receiverNo.> and Send it to 81121

Third Method:

Go to Viva SIM Tool Kit and Go to Balance Transfer Service, follow the instructions.

Transfer Balance for Viva Kuwait

Send  *123*Receipentnumber*Amount#

Exampale *123*0558321447*5#

Rule for Transferring Credit on Viva:

Must enter numbered value such as 1, 2, 4, 5, …100 BD

The Minimum allowed transfer is 1 BD

The Maximum allowed transfer is 100 BD

User can transfer 100 time a day

All transfer should not exceed 100 BD

No Refundable in case error made by user such entering wrong number of receiver.

Credit can be transfer abroad to only viva partner network.

This Service Costs for 50 fils but promotion 35 fils can be charged for limited time.

The Sender must have enough balance to cover the cost of service.