How to Register for Absher (MoI) E-Service

Saudi Government is taking different steps to make life of expats and citizens easier as normal process regarding any type of passport and traffic violation penalties issues is very time consuming, many expats waits for hours and days near jawazat office. Now people can access most of these service from their home or office and clear their matters more quickly and hassle-freely. Here are the services provided by Absher Moi.

1. You can confirm the eligibility for Hajj
2. Get an inquiry about traffic violation
3. You can check expiry date of vehicle insurance or Istamara Registration of your vehicle.
4. Issue of your exit-re entry visa and your dependents
5. Check expiry date of muqeem card(iqama) and health insurance
6. See the status of change of sponsorship
7. You can check expiry date of vehicle insurance.

To get benefit from all of above services you have to register with Ministry of interior Absher service online by going to
We provide step by step procedure to register on Moi Absher service.
For those who already registered to Absher service can now easily make his and his dependants exit re-entry visa through absher service.

Step 1.
Go to Saudi Ministry of Interior Page
Step 2.
Website default language is Arabic you can change this from upper left corner of website.
Step 3.
If you are new user click on “New User” at the top right corner of page.

Step 4.
Type all the information correctly in the form as indicated below.
While typing mobile number remove first zero of you number
so if you mobile number is 090990909 than after removing first zero it will be look like 90990909
Step 5.
After above step you could receive a message from abshir service, in which activition code is provided. Write this code along with your iqama(muqeem Card) number and click OK.
Step 6
It now time for making your username and password, just follow the conditions written at right side of the page.
Enter a unique username which was not previously used by any other person.
Red and green marks show indication if the field written is correct or not.
Step 7
Click on Print to take print of your form

Step 8
Now confirm you identity by following these instructions.

First Option:
Visit Jawazat Offices
At the bottom left of form give you signature and date and submit the form to jawazat offices near to you, the officer will make your entry in computer after this your account will be activated with 5 min or in a 24 hour, if not visit the office again. See the list of Jawazat offices near to you.

Second Option:
Visit Kiosks
Alternative way than first option visit any jawazat kiosks for registration on absher service.

Third Option:
Abshir registration through banks
Many of banks in Saudi Arabia also provide this service just go to online portal of these banks and follow the instructions.
The names of banks are:
Riyad Bank
Rajhi Bank
NCB National Commercial Bank-AlAhli
Bank Albilad
Samba Bank
Bank Aljazira

See Complete Procedure How to Activate MOI Absher Account

See the complete tutorial of registration of MOI absher account in this video: