8 Easy Steps for Online Driving License Renewal Saudi Arabia

Driving license renewal important 8 steps through which you could renew you license online through MOI absher account. If you have online MOI absher account than first check Validity of Driving License Online and than follow the online procedure to renew you license. The Old manual procedure is still exists and if you want to follow the old one’s than its your choice but the Absher account provides much easier access to services and any person didn’t have to get in hassle for renewal of Saudi Driving license.

If you still don’t have Saudi Driving License and want to Make one than follow this link. “Procedure to Make Saudi Driving licenseSaudi Driving License Renewal Online Absher

Here are the Condition which must be followed if you are apply for renewal online on MOI absher Account”

  1. Applicant fingerprint must be submitted to MOI
  2. Payment of renewal fee and delay fine
  3. Traffic violation fines (if any) must be paid
  4. Validity of Driving License is must be less than 180 days
  5. Applicant is medically fit or its report must be updated in system

How to Renew Driving License Online 8 Steps:

  1. Login to you MOI Absher account if you still not register new account follow this procedure.Absher online Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License
  2. You have to Pay the Renewal Fee which is according to license type. The fee can be paid using Online Banking Account.
  3. After successfully paying of fee and login in to absher account Click on E-services from main menu of absher account. Hover on Traffic and you see on right side a  Renew Driving License appears click on it.
  4. Next upon click on Renew Driving License A new screen appears in which few conditions were mentioned if you qualify to these condition Click on NEXT button.Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI  02
  5. Now on new window select Renew Private Driving License. Another thing is for how much year you want to make Driving License Valid until next expiry. It is on you how much you paid for driving license the fee for one year is 40 Saudi Riyal.Procedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI  03
  6. Now click on Next if the System shows error message such as NO MEDICAL REPORT FIND than first visit Medical Center  such as in Jeddah Badar Al tamam Polyclinic in Sharfiyah, Jeddah you need  Iqama, 1 photo, sponsor ID and SR 100. They take you blood test and eye test after that take your reports to submission corner where Medical center agent upload your report to MOI and you receive confirmation SMS after few minutes.
  7. If you see not any type of error a new screen appers at which click on Confirm button and print this will print the Renewal Query in which reference number is written. Register and Check Fingerprint Registration OnlineProcedure to Renew Saudi Driving License Online through MOI  06
  8. Take this Reference Number to nearest Traffic Department(Muroor). Where might be they take your fingerprint again. After which you have to Submit Old driving license and iqama after 10 minute they call your name, collect your new Driving  license from counter.

Traffic Department Muroor Addresses

Riyadh: Northern Traffic Police department (Muroor) is in Abu Baker AlSiddiq Street going North after Exit 6.

Jeddah: Muroor office which is located right at Sahafa Street, Jeddah