How to Check Traffic Violation in Qatar MOI

If you get charge by traffic violation ticket and want to check your traffic violation in Qatar than follow the below procedure. Ministry of interior(MOI) Qatar  provides you easy way tocheck your violation and settle the traffic fine easily online by using Qatar official Hakoomi e-service. These services are provided by Qatar Government and you don’t need to pay anything it also give you idea about how Qatar authorities are modernizing their system to ensure hassle free payments of all type of fine through

Check The List of 113 Traffic Violation and Their Fines in QAR

How to check you traffic violation and fine in Qatar

  1. Go to MOI qatar Traffic Violations website where you can see a user interface in which you have to put your plate number and type of your vehicle.

Moi Qatar traffic violations

  1. On top you see radio button of ID no. and Company ID by putting you related ID on box gives you addition information such as how much vehicle belongs to you and if you have any company than it gives information about them.
  2. Now after entering your Plate number you see a detail about violation such as description, time, date and spot
  3. Now click on “Settlement of Violation“.
  4. After that click traffic services >> traffic violation.
  5. Login with your smart card.
  6. Complete the payment process after that your traffic violation ticket will be removed.

If you want to pay your traffic violation ticket by hand than Go to the traffic department either at Madinat Khalifa or Airport. Go to traffic police department near airport as it was more convenient and speedy. You can find more traffic services provided by MOI Qatar by visiting MOI e-services for traffic violations.