First Liver Transplant Surgery in Jeddah

First liver transplant in Jeddah successful

At the Saudi German Hospital a team of highly specialized medical and surgical team of 25 doctors successful conduct the liver transplant surgery.

This successful surgery was performed after approval from Saudi Council of Organ Transplantation with supervision. Both donor and recipient were healthy after this operation. Dr. Khalid Batterjee, vice president of the hospital Said.

This a first time hospital of Jeddah this type of complex surgery was performed which also show the medical advancement of Kingdom.liver transplant in jeddah

The liver transplant surgery was performed on a 32-year-old Yemeni patient who was suffering from liver, abdominal and body pain for the past several years.

So most of our readers must have a Question about legal status of Donating an organ in Saudi Arabia. As all of us knows that Organ transplantation is a great milestone in the evolution of medical science. In every means it serves humanity and safes hundreds of people across the globe. But in Saudi Arabia where all laws were governed by Shariah is transplantation of organ is legal or not. Yes this is legal you read the above news in which Saudi Council of Organ Transplantation approved this transplantation and also supervised this. All transplantation must be approved from this council and meet the standards set by WHO. Source: Arabnews