Ban on Bangladeshi Workers is Lifted by Saudi Arabia

bangladeshi workers ban over in Saudi arabia

Six Years Long Ban on recruit of regular Bangladeshi Workers is Lifted by Ministry of Labour and Social Development of Saudi Arabia from this Wednesday. After lift of ban those Bangladeshi worker skilled, unskilled, professionals, nurses, technical staff, doctors were able to come in to Saudi Arabia for work purposes. When this Ban is Imposed only domestic worker were able to get job in Saudi Arabia but now it is open for every one to get new employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Currently almost 1.3 domestic category workers were working in Saudi Arabia. In the month of July Saudi Arabia temporary suspended domestic worker of three categories to enter in Saudi Arabia to pave the way for other category workers.

In June the meeting between King Salman (Custodian of Two Holy Mosques) and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paved the way to open path for Bangladeshi recruitment in Saudi Arabia

In April last year, Saudi started hiring females from Bangladesh as domestic worker. More than 60,000 Bangladeshi females found jobs until July 20. Approx 10 million Bangladeshis are working abroad, in which more than 60 percent of them in the Middle-East and gulf nations.

In January, Minister of Labour Mufrej Al-Haqabani and Bangladesh minister for expatriates decided to on recruitment of more housemaids from Bangladesh and vowed to address issues such as migration cost, training Saudi-bound workers, and recruitment of more male workers.