SR 15,000 Fine and 6 month Jail For Overstaying on Visa

Jawazat Warned Expatriates who overstays on their visa or stays within Saudi Arabia After expiry of their Visas. Those who breach the Validity of Visas and Stays more than limit stated on Visa than they will be fined with almost SR 15,000 for first Violation, Second time violation SR 25,000 and In case of Third time violation violator may face SR 50,000 Fine. The laws for these over-stayers were very strict and it is very difficult to safely get out of Saudi Arabia until the violator pays its fine. These fines are not only for Family Visas but all other type of visas. The warning issued by Jawazat and at many times jawazat officers tell expatriate about these harsh penalties So it is better to travel out from KSA in case of visa expiry.

Jawazat Warning Against False Iqama Fee

Fine for Overstaying on Visit V

The penalties are not only ended at SR 50,000 Those who violated third time face extra harsh things like maximum 6 months jail and those who violated second time may face jail of 3 months. And those sponsors who support their dependents may also face harsh penalties.

Also the sponsorship system in KSA allows any person, agent, employer to bring their family, pilgrims and worker in KSA so it is whole responsibility of Sponsor to take care of their dependent’s visa expiry.

Sometimes grace period is given to those person who were suffering from some severe emergency or medical condition. Grace period means a time period of 15 day given to a person of expired visa.

The directorate urged Saudis and expatriates to contact it online through the website of for any queries in this regard.

Jawazat always tries its best to educate expatriates about these laws but its also our own responsibility to take measures whenever we go to any foreign country