Doha Hamad Airport Qatar Airport Exit Tax Fee

Qatar introduces airport tax on passengers

Passenger who were departure from Doha Hamad International Airport have to pay exit fee for using facilities at Airport. Qatar is lies in center of oil Rich Persian gulf and its revenue is totally relies on selling of Oil and Natural Gas due to falling prizes of oil Qatar is try to make new ways to generate revenue this tax is also a part of these new revenues.

Each passenger who exit through Doha Hamad International Airport(HIA) along with transit passenger charged with 35 Qatari Riyal almost 9.61 Us Dollars for using facilities of Airport.

Airport Fee were almost common around the world but still not implemented in Gulf Countries in order to take advantage in such competitive environment. Dubai has also introduce Airport Fee Dh 35 in June 2016.

Some 1.33 million passengers traveled through Hamad International Airport in June.

Children  having Age less then 2 years and not require any seat and transit passengers who were not flying through aircraft were exempted from this fee.

Interest rates are rising in the Gulf Countries  as low oil prices pressure governments revenues Qatar need funds for development of  HIA to further increase the airport’s capacity and invest in new infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology to deliver world-class facilities for passengers.

The fee charges were added to airline tickets, the tickets issued on or after August 30 and apply to those travel on or after December 1.

Travel agents across the country have already received a circular from Qatar Airways and other airlines informing about the new fee. The agents say the new fee will be mentioned in the air ticket in the same way as other charges.

“We are upgrading the system to issue tickets so that the new fee can be automatically included while issuing tickets,” said a travel consultant.

“The new fee will be added to the ticket fare. For example, if the fare is QR1,000, with the new fee, it will cost QR1,035 for every passenger travelling from December 1,” she added.

A circular is provied to Travel Agents from Qatar Airways and other Airline in which full details were given to Travel agents. The agents now mentions this fee while giving tickets to its customers.

This new fee is automatically added to ticket charges using new modern system e.g if ticket fee is QR 500 after adding this fee the total become QR 535.