crime record under you iqama in ksa

While exiting from Saudi Arabia at Immigration center you criminal record is must be checked and whether you have get punishment for those crimes or not. Most of expatriates who going out from Saudi Arabia must also pay all dues against them such as traffic violation payments etc. But sometimes person didn’t even known that his criminal record is cleared or not in such case he/she may face severe time wastage during exiting and tension also. Sometime any person file a complaint against you by error or in reality and expat didn’t aware of that. The solution of this problem is now solved and once again it is done by Absher Service. Yes, Absher service from where not only you check your Iqama status, exit re-entry visa issuance, extending family visit visa, renewing of Istamara and renewing Saudi Driving License, iqama expiry status but now also you will be able to check any criminal record against your Iqama. Let go and read what is procedure of criminal record inquiry.

To do this you must have your activated abhser moi online account follow the procedure of Absher Activation. Already have an account than login in to it.


Sim Authentication Online on MOI Wathiq

  1. After successfully login in to your moi absher account you could see several tabs at top menu.
  2. Click on E-Service Tab
  3. Know a drop down list is opened click on Moi Diwan.check criminal record in saudi arabia1
  4. New list will opened after this find and click on Generalization Report Qurey.
  5. This is a main service that allows you to check in  Database of MOI for any crimial report registered against you or not.
  6. A new window is opened in your browser Click on Proceed button. If a message appeared in Red Color saying that “There is no Generalization report registered against you” which means there is no any type of complaint against you.check Criminal Record Online Saudi Arabia

God safes as all if you find that there is complaint against you don’t wait and go to Saudi Police for clearance don’t afraid as if you didn’t done any thing they just checked the database if it is due to error they immediately removed this mistake.