E-Bracelets for HAJJ Pilgrims

hajj bracelets

There were many incidents of Pilgrims who misplaced during hajj due to so much crowd to tackle up the issue Saudi ministry of Hajj and Umrah introduced Electronic identification bracelets which will be started during the Hajj 2016. These bracelets shows a well use of technology during hajj and really beneficial during any major incident if Happened during hajj. The Electronic bracelets stores personal information of pilgrm such as entry information, visa number, passport number and address.

Undersecretary for Umrah affairs at the ministry Eisa Mohammad Rawas this device facilitate services given by both public and privates organizations and helps those who lost, old age, and didn’t speak or understand Arabic.

e-bracelets in hajj

Feature of E-Bracelets:

It is a water-resistant device

GPS Ready

contains personal and medical information of pilgrim

Helps authorities to provide care and to recognize persons.

Not only this but another productive feature of this device is that it could tell pilgrim the rimming of prayers. Guider for those who don’t understand Arabic. During each stage of hajj it provide some major help to pilgrims with having multilingual support.

As you know about last year stampede which is a havoc for Authorities. This year many new measures were taken to make Hajj as secure as possible in the light of last year incidents. Many new surveillance cameras were installed to see the movements of pilgrims.