Cancel Khrooj Nahi Final Exit of in Saudi Arabia

Cancellation of Final Exit Visa of Family is same as for worker/Expats. Of you take your family in Saudi Arabia on permanent visa than its means that you are a Sponsor of your family but most of the main things stills done by your own sponsor. Same in case of final Exit if you job contract is ended and sponsor want you to go on final Exit than its means than your family also must have to leave Saudi Arabia.

But if your mind is changed and now your sponsor doesn’t want you to exit from Saudi Arabia than you need to cancel final exit of your own and your family. if your family is on visit visa or permanent visa tha it requires you to extend their visa also in order to stay within kingdom

Step1: Visit the Al Jawazat Office in your city ask agents to given Final Exit Cancellation form  from agents.

Step2: This form must be signed by your Sponsor first.

Step3: Your Kafeel need to make and stamp the request letter of cancellation of Final exit Visa.

Step4: Latter must be composed of all required details.

Step5: Attest this Letter from Kafeel Local COC Chamber of commerce

Step6: While visiting Jawazat Center your sponsor company pro must be go with you.

Step7: Sometime the iqama is also expiry at is good to renew iqama at that time.

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Documents Required: Passport. Visa page copy, Final Exit visa copy, iqama, Two white background photos.