APN Names Internet Setting for STC ZAIN MOBILY Virgin

Most of Mobile phones now advance enough that could automatically install APN setting for Internet Configuration but still some of them not able to do so. Telecom companies mostly give automatic feature in which whenever you install SIM in mobile phone an SMS is received for both internet and MMS. Without correct APN or internet setting for specific mobile SIM it is difficult to run internet. After so much try you didn’t able to receive setting from SIM company or APN settings didn’t installed Automatically than you have to try this manual method in which mobile holder himself have to put few thing in Network setting of Mobile. Try to take help form experienced persons if you face problem while doing manual setting.

Below are the setting for most used network of Saudi Arabia Try to apply them on your mobile phone.

In case of Andorid Mobile Phone: Go to Setting>>>Wireless and Networks(More Networks)>>>Mobile Networks>>Access Point Names from here touch menu button and Add new apn or Edit existing Apn.


Apn Internet Settings for STC

Name: JAWALNet

APN: jawalnet.com.sa

APN type: default/ Internet

Authentication type: PAP

Apn Internet Settings for Mobily

Name: Mobily Web

APN: web2

APN type: default/ Internet

Apn Internet Settings for Zain

Name: zain-GPRS

APN: zain


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080


APN type: Default, MMS, SUPL

APN protocol: IPv4

Virgin Mobile Internet Setting:

APN: Internet

Apn name : virgin Mobile

password :0000

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