Al Rajhi Bank Account Activation After Iqama Renewal

Like all banks in Saudi Arabia Iqama Validity is a Major requirement if iqama expired, bank account may temporarily froze Al Rajhi bank notify its customers about expired iqama or if iqama is to be expired. To keep your account operating you need to update iqama renewal information.
Al Rajhi can update information if you manually visit Al Rajhi Bank Branch and fill the form to update the iqama information they require copy of iqama newly renewed.
But there is another easy way by phone.
Al Rajhi send SMS notification before one month of expiry in which they warn about account to be froze if iqama is not renewed. Here is the Message they Send to Me.
First of all Renew Iqama within three months before iqama expiry date.
After iqama is renewed Call Al Rajhi At 920003344  from cell number registered with bank. Trending: How to Check Iqama Expiry Date Online
Step1: Operator ask for language Press 1 for Arabic, 2 for English
Step 2: Than Choose 0 for other services and than press #
Step 3: After that press 5 for iqama information update.
Step 4: Now operator asks you to enter birth date and month
Step 5: They will send you 4 digit one time password in SMS enter that while call is ongoing.
Now Al Rajhi will again send you a notification of Updated information.