2 Ways to Transfer Balance From STC SAWA to SAWA

Saudi Telecom Company STC is the largest telecommunications companies in terms of coverage and the development of an area in the field of communication technology and mobile services and the Internet in Saudi Arabia.
STC is characterized  by providing  lot of communications services from lines of connection Postpaid to prepaid packages, as well as monthly and seasonal rates offers calls and messages and also internet connection services.

Sawa is one of the STC own company that provide services via mobile phone, Sawa is a prepaid segment of STC, Enables  Customers to make domestic and international calls, and can send and receive text messages (SMS) as well as multimedia service(MMS) with fast internet connection. The user can contribute Sawa charging score and also convert to another SIM number.2-ways-credit-transfer-sawa-stc

Credit Transfer Service from Sawa to Sawa:
It is a service provided to clients of Sawa SIM users, where user can recharge his account and than exchange balance between him and another user of STC company (from SAWA to SAWA).

Terms for transferring of credit Sawa:

– The Communications and Information Technology Authority in, with guidance to connect the recharging or balance transfer identification number process, and it must be done to update the information and data through the nearest branch of sawa in Saudi Arabia .
– This service available only to clients packages Prepaid only.
– when transferring balance there is must be existence sufficient funds in account of sending party.
– After the sender transfer balance to other party It should be left with balance of  SR 20 in his account.
-Minimum amount of transfer per transaction is SR5 and maximum amount is 20 Saudi Riyal

-No upper limit for operations conversion. mean Unlimited credit transfer per day
-amount that can be transferred in every process if multiples than it should be 5 riyals (20-15-10 = 5 SAR).
– when you do a balance transfer fee of (0.50 riyals) amount  deducted from sender account.

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First Way to Transfer Credit:

Sender:Send an SMS to 1500 including *133* the recipient’s number *the credit amount#

Example   *133* 059——–* 20 #

Receiver: Now in first way receiver receives sms of confirmation of credit transfer after that receiver also send SMS to 1500 like this *133*ID number#. Remember that Sender must have to send you a balance first before doing this step.


Example    *133* 1234567890 #

Second Way to Transfer Credit:

In this method sender already knows the ID(Iqama no.) of receiver so receiver don’t need to send SMS.

Sender just have to Send an SMS to 1500 including: *133* the recipient’s number *transfer amount* the recipient’s ID number#.

Example  *133* 059——– *20 *1234567890#