18 Changes in Traffic Laws of Saudi Arabia

New saudi traffic laws

Almost 2 months ago Council of Ministers added new revised amendment in Saudi Traffic Laws which is Article 69 which makes vehicle car stunts a violation and violator face heavy fines. Now in October General Department of Traffic Saudi Arabia is making almost 18 new changes in Penalties of Traffic Violation according to the decision of Council of ministers. See those Traffic Amendments approved in August 2016. The details of the penalties for various violations are: List of Traffic Violations and fines 2016/2017 updates

Check Traffic Violations online on Moi.gov.sa

New saudi traffic laws

List SR1000 to SR 2000:

  1. Stopping Vehicle on Railway Track
  2. Carrying Passenger more than limit stated on Istamara(Vehicle Registration Card)
  3. When Authorities asked driver for Istamara and Driving license and driver is unable to show them.
  4. Not Display Vehicle Number Plate
  5. Driving Bike without wearing of Helmet.(for Motorists)
  6. Giving Istamara or Driving license of another person on mortgage.
  7. seizing driving license or istimara of another person

List of SR 3000 to SR 6000 Fine with vehicle seizure:

  1. Jumping/Breaking of Red light.
  2. Unauthorized Vehicle pates fake or illegal. Number plate of any other vehicle.
  3. Using accessories on Vehicles  that are permitted only for official vehicles or emergency vehicles.
  4. Overtaking of School buses during pick and drop time of bus.
  5. Tampering of road signs, pole and reflectors.
  6. During routine check ups if police stop vehicle at checkpoints but driver refused to do so.
  7. Violation of Pubic etiquette’s such as display inappropriate logos and stickers

SR 5000 to SR 10000 with vehicle Seizure:

  1. Conceal or Covering the special features of vehicle.
  2. Driving under effects of Alcohol or Drugs. A serious violation and may be some further extra measure may taken by Police.
  3. Activities such as organizing races etc without prior coordination (with the concerned authorities).

SR 10000  fine and/or 3-month jail:

  1. If any accident happens at road in which driver is involved. If he didn’t stop at moment and run away and did not help injured persons may face 10000 SR fine with jail also if he not contact concerned authorities.

For those who didn’t believe than see official source: Saudi Gazette