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Mynet by ooredoo is popular Packs of Internet provided by Kuwait best telecom operator you can find more about My net on www.ooredoo.com.kw/Mynet. Most of subscriber want affordable as well as fast internet speed so that they can surf fast and enjoy every thing on internet. Due to huge volume of people now visit social media sites regularly people want more affordable packages as they were just surfing on Social Media Sites. Ooredoo my net is a combination of different types of small, medium and huge bundles all of them consists of 4g and lte packages. These packages further divided in to time periods that is daily, weekly and monthly. One of the main concern of Subscriber is not to lose extra charges after the bundle is expired but my net came with separate monitoring which allows subscriber to see what is happening to their data usage hence anyone can freely use internet without worrying about extra charges as well as balance deduction. Switching between my net packs and renewing pack can be easily done by online portal of ooredoo mynet control page. For more about control panel visit www.ooredoo.com.kw/Mynet.

ooredoo mynet kuwait

Ooredoo My net Packs consists of following categories:

  1. My Net Basic
  2. Daily Weekly Packs
  3. My Net Extras
  4. My Net Night Packs

Mynet Basic

The Basic Pack of My net consists of 200mb up to 300GB data balance. Small bundle of MB’s run on 4g while other large data bundles consists of LTE. My Net Basic is only for Prepaid Users

mynet ooredoo

Some packages like 60 GB divided in to Half and 30 GB is for whole day and 30 GB is form 1AM to 9AM

For above Night Packs all nights is available for 1 AM  TO 9Am but spitted in to half

Above ooredoo my net Basic packs can be automatically Renewed. To stop Automatic Renewal just visit control panel www.ooredoo.com.kw/Mynet or dial *161#.

If you don’t want to subscribe for above packs and just want to use internet normally than you can subscribe to below affordable rate package of mynet basic this is only for light, occasional users that don’t access the internet frequently and just want to pay for data what they use.

My Net Extra:

While Surfing internet using Mynet Basic Pack showed above if you still want to continue but the remaining data balance is now less than try These extra bundles to ease you surfing and get more data by saving more fils.

These extra packs are made in correspondence to main my net basic pack so choose wisely.


*20GB=10 GB for Whole Day and 10 GB for night from 1AM to 9AM same for 8GB, 3GB, 1.25GB

For more information how to subscribe these packages and what is a procedure to make account at mynet control panel must visit www.ooredoo.com.kw/mobile/Mynet.html

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