5 Steps to Cancel Permanent Family Visa

If foreigner want his family to live with him in Saudi Arabia with iqama having long validity than you will need to apply  for family permanent visa of Saudi Arabia. The procedure to bring family in Kingdom is long and sponsor who is applying for his family must have to fulfill certain requirement and conditions given by saudi jawazat. For whatever reason if you don’t want to bring family in kingdom after applying than you should have to cancel the permanent family visa. Follow the procedure below to cancel family permanent visa. Family Permanent Application Online.


  1. To cancel the permanent family visa you need to make cancellation letter from your own sponsor in which should provide the reason for cancelling of visa, the letter than attested by Chamber of Commerce of your sponsor and contains the address of Jawazat officer.
  2. With above letter you need to submit job letter or employment letter to jawazat, this letter contains the information related to your job where you work, it will also be attested from Chamber of Commerce. Istiqdam Family Visa Procedure
  3. Must carry your original iqama, copies of passport and iqama, yellow slip from istiqdam and online visa of your family.
  4. Now you need to take these letters and submit to expatriates affairs office in your city. In Riyadh it will  be located at  Al Olaya, Riyadh 12611, Saudi Arabia Near Burj Al faisal Building
  5. After entering in to the expatriates affairs office ask the people at gate for assistance and take the documents to respective counters for cancellation of Permanent family visa.

Remember permanent family visa cannot be cancelled online or any other way, you should have to practically visit the office to cancel the visa.
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