Omantel Hayyak Internet Plans Details

Another amazing and different from other internet plans is Hayyak Internet plans which meet the needs of every type of internet user. Omantel says that chose the plan which suits you best as every plan is different from other. Hayyak Subscriber enjoys outstanding and terrific experience which also save your from waste of your balance. The hours provided in hayyak packages are really that you must consider the hours were more flexible and having more validity with less expenditure.omantel internet plans

omantel internet plans
User could subscribe to more than one internet plan at a time, also use could subscribe to same plan more than once.
You could subscribe to same internet plan more than once except; the monthly 50mb plan and 300mb monthly plan
These plans are only for Omani user not for international roaming
Omantel constantly send updates about your plans using sms.

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