Oman Visit Visa Requirements and Fee

The visit Visa also known as Tourist Visa is granted to any foreigner so that he/she can visit sultanate of Oman and enjoy the incredible tourist destinations this visa allow a person to stay in Oman for one month or similar one month period.

Validity and Fee of Visit Visa

Visit Visa is valid for use within 6 months from the date of issuance
After entry in Oman Visit visa is only valid for thirty days
One trip is allow and may exdended for similar period
Fee of Visit Visa is 20 Omani Riyal
Overstays Fine: If visa is expired and a person is still in Oman than he/she face fine of 10 Omani riyals for each extra day.
If the validity of visit visa to Oman is 10 days than fee will be 10 Omani Riyals.

What are Requirements?

First thing is Passport valid for 12 months, and a blank page on passport to stamp the visa. Also make copies of first and second page of Passport.

Include 2 copies of Visa application form having complete information. If you apply online Omani Visa than print the form and than signed it. Must specify the Sponsor in Application form otherwise write “Myself” as Sponsor.

Two 2 x 2 passport size photos recently captured with clear white background.

A letter which describe the purpose of your visit to Oman where you stay name of destination which you want to visit, contact information and accommodation information.
Oman visas are usually processed in 3 business days. Other fast services was provided by travel agents but the charge you.

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