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Check Travel BAN of Your Civil ID

After final exit from Kuwait any expat left something against law in Kuwait than get ready to face travel Ban for Kuwait. Check travel Ban or civil id case against you if you have any doubt as after entering in Kuwait authorities may caught you and put you in jail. So the Question is Why this happened as I Tell in previous post of Qatar Final Exit that don’t left fines and other bills unpaid most serious Loans whenever you take loan in Kuwait you have to give back if you don’t the person may file a complaint against your civil Id in result travel Ban. If you afraid of having travel Ban than go through this procedure to check travel Ban against your Civil Id in Kuwait as many of expat when go back to their country sometime forget about their ID number so it is better to note it Down.

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Follow the below step to Check Travel Ban:

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  1. Open official online portal of Kuwait Government www.e.gov.kw.kuwait-travel-ban
  2. Than Click on Start the service of “Inquiry about Travel Ban”
  3. New window will be open with two empty fields.civil id travel ban
  4. Enter you civil ID number in first box than enter image code in box.
  5. At the End click on Search Button
  6. You will see the message in Arabic Translate it from chrome or Google translate.
  • sreenath

    i am at present in kuwait . for the last 4 years. i came in 2012 in a company and i had a civil id number. and then i resigned from my company and came back in another company in another civil id number. i had a telephonic bill pending during my last visa. now when i checked the travel ban with my old civil id number, it s showing that i have a ban. but my new civil id number does not show any ban. in the MOI sit also when i enter my new civil id number, there is no ban.

    so what should i do to confirm that i dont have a travel ban?

    • Khurram Shahzad

      Ok it seems that you’re ban on Old civil Id and having no ban on new civil Id…Which means that you old civil id is now deceased and it is no more functional..It seems fine how much long you being here in Kuwait on New ID?

      • sreenath


        • Khurram Shahzad

          Remember not show your old civil id number to anyone especially during government procedures

          • sreenath

            no, i dont have my old civil id with me.but i remembers the number.but my querry is when i am going to india during my vaccation, will this be caught on airport?

    • Khurram Shahzad

      SIR if you arrived safe with this new Id you also departure SAfe with this new ID..But next time clear all your bills before going back

      • sreenath


        • hatim wardhawala

          Hello Sreenath,

          Did you have a travel ban when you arrived in kuwait on the new visa? i have a similar case same as yours. and i too have a new passport. and intend on coming back to kuwait on a new visa.

  • sam

    Hi. I have a travel ban for Kuwait that was issued while I was outside Kuwait. I tried to apply for a visit visa but my visa got rejected. Is this because of the travel ban? Also how do I go about paying for the travel ban from outside Kuwait?

  • kaj

    hai sir in case have travel ban how to pay before vacation

  • ravi

    is this travel ban apply only for kuwait or for gulf

    • Khurram Shahzad

      yah but the wording is different in Saudi Arabia it is called Huroob in uae it is called labor ban..and in kuwait is it called travel ban..But rules were not same

      • hatim wardhawala

        Hello Khurram,

        i was working in kuwait for nearly 2 1/2 years. i landed there on a working visa in december 2011. i resigned from the company but did not cancel my visa, and came back to india in october 2014. when i was in kuwait i had a pending mobile bill. recently i have got an offer from a kuwait based company and intend to come back to kuwait. i have my old civil id and when i recently checked, there was a travel ban on the civil id. i have a new passport also as the old one expired last year.

        the company in kuwait is very keen to call me to kuwait and they have requested my documents for the same.

        what kind of problems may i face in going to kuwait? and kindly help in how to overcome it.

        thank you.

        • Good day mr Khurram
          I just want to ask if you pay it on the spot to the airport ministry of information,are still allowed to go to travel with in that day. Thank and best regards.

  • kimosabe

    Hi, is there any other way to check if i’m ban working in kuwait i forgot my civil id number and i cannot find my old passport. i don’t have any pending bills when i left in kuwait. my only concern is i never finish my contract to the company due to emergency. its been 5yrs since i’ve been there. and i wanted to know if i can go back and work there.

  • Mafe

    I have concern on how long the travel band of filling you a case of lost mobile and their blaming on you instead of your company and again company is willing to pay the mobile but the people want to get paid more than he mobile which is not fair enough with the amount of 2000kd for the 2 iphone mobile.

  • hi.. i already spent 2 years working in kuwait.. and renewed another 2 year contract.. after renewing i went home to my country for vacation leave.. but was not able to come back due to some emergency. My employer refuse to give me Certificate of employment
    . my question is.. is it still possible for me to come back in kuwait? do i possess legal crime my issue.. pls anybody can help answer me.

  • NA

    Hai.. i already try to inquire if have a travel ban, its apearing that ECUSE ME NO DATA. What is the meaning of this?

  • As

    Iam working Kuwait private company and there not permitted part time job.l joined another company part time job.police catch oneday they send back to my country.they Will add black list in my passport or travel ban to any gcc

    • Khurram Shahzad

      No you Travel Ban is only for Kuwait Not for who GCC

  • Abdul Kader

    After cancel visa from kuwait.
    Arrived india.
    Can get back to kuwait after a week from new visa?

  • Jade

    Hello, i was working in kuwait for the past 3 years but i run away for my previous employer and go to embassy to ask a help to go back to my country and when i was in the embassy my employer did not make any case against me, when i check my civil i.d. It’s No Data, can i come back to kuwait?

  • Yuris

    I just want to ask how can I remove my travel ban even I’m not going to travel

  • Siva

    I also got a travel ban from Kuwait.
    I had worked in Kuwait from 2010 to 2012 February. I came to india by an emergency leave because of my mother admitted in hospital. I have not went back to Kuwait because of some family issues. But when I was there, I purchased one phone from VIVA outlets on installment basis.I want to pay that money now. I don’t know how to pay from India. If any issues regarding this, that also I don’t know.Please kindly help me to know the details.


    I was worked more then 5 years in Kuwait. I came india on vacation. But I didn’t returned for some personal reasons. It’s already 7 months….
    Now my question is ….. Can i Come back to Kuwait??? Or is there any ban on my passport or driving license??

  • mehmood

    i am right now in India with a valid Kuwait visa , on entering my civil id i read There is a travel ban on private orders this civil figure , i will be in Kuwait this week do i have a problem at the Kuwait airport

  • sreenath

    now , i had already paid my pending bill in the airport and from there the MOJ gave me a paper in arabic all sealed and stamped. but in the online site of MOI,its still showing i have a travel ban.why is it still not updated even after 2 weeks i have closed it out?

  • Hii all can help me someone I have a ban.in.Kuwait 2016aug then.can.I go to.oman or can’t travel any.gcc.plz I want to know plz tell.me.true anybody’s know about that

  • Hii everyone plz can help me I have a ban in Kuwait 2016 August can I travel to oman or can’t travel any gcc.country plz tell me true



    i was work in kuwait 11 years.i was change the company and work that company 2 years.i was take the vocasion after i was not come back that company.my visa was not cancelled.can i apply to other gulf countries is possible?

  • Alvin Santos

    Salem sir .I work in kuwait almost 6years..1night I’m walking go to remitance ofice to sent money to my family .police catch me..they said I have a room renting for 1hour.but i’m a simple worker.I have visa good company..they put me in jail for 15days..after that they bring me at deportation cell.now i’m here now in my country almost 2years..my question is that I comeback to kuwait or other gulf country?I love kuwait and other gulf country..becouse they are good people..thank hope you give me advice if I comeback to kuwait to work