Transfer Sponsorship Change of Job in Saudi Arabia

transfer sponsorship in saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia is home for thousand of people that were here for Jobs and Work purpose also the job market is still booming rapidly since announcement of new vision 2030 chances of more employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia increases day by day. Many employees in Saudi Arabia ones enter in Job market finds many difficulties and some of them steps towards more profitable good jobs for which they required to transfer their sponsorship which means they want TANAZUL this is a term applied when employee wants to change his sponsor. Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia always tries to ease these types of procedures due to which many employees feel free to tranfer their sponsorship but due to behavior of sponsor most of employees unable to transfer their job even if they allow to do so. But our main focus is how change of sponsorship or TANAZUL is done in Saudi Arabia.

transfer sponsorship in saudi arabia

How to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia:

  1. First find a new job go for interview and get all necessary information especially salary as this is a main focus of transfer of sponsorship. Most of employers looking for those individuals who have transferable iqama as giving new visa is lengthy and difficult process in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Now after getting approval for new job must check nitaqat category of your new employer and also check natiqat of existing sponsor as in case your new employer have higher category of Nitaqat than it is easy for you to transfer Sponsorship.
  3. In case your current sponsor has RED nitaqat category than it is easier for you to transfer sponsorship without permission of Kafeel. Check your Sponsor IQAMA NITAQAT Status online.
  4. Once getting Job letter next step is to tell your  existing sponsor of new Job if relation between you and Kafeel is good enough than he may allow you to switch Job. If you get permission than here NOTICE Period Starts it is time which was stated in Job contract in case when you have to resign from job, how much time after you left this job.
  5. Also don’t forget to get END of Services benefits from sponsor in case he allow you to transfer your job. But in case you have less end of services benefits or sponsor didn’t want to give than ignore as sometimes sponsor change mind and don’t allow you take Tanazul.
  6. Now your future employer or New Sponsor must write demand letter to your current sponsor this letter is attested with chamber of commerce where you future company is listed.
  7. Due to new online System tanazul could be done very easily. Your new sponsor/employer just send a request to your current sponsor using MOL and rest of process is just easy now you just need to get new Iqama with new sponsor and profession.
  8. After that you go to new company hr office and give them old Iqama in order to process your new Iqama.
  9. All of this happened if your current Sponsor Allows you to change sponsorship but keep in mind that if you sponsor have Red Natiqat category than it is very easy to transfer your job without any permission.

The transfer fee for tanazul is not equal for first time transfer you have to pay 2000 saudi riyal, second time SR 4000 and thrid time SR 6000. These payment is payable online.

Also must clearly keep in mind all of these rules:

There should no any traffic violation at the time of transfer if exist clear them
No any type of criminal offence on you
The profession should also matched by the company business
Your fingerprints must be approved.
In past if you make changes in Passport(Naqal Maloomat) than must take all of previous passports with yourself.