SAR 500 Fine for Breaking Red Signal at Right Turn

Traffic Laws were implemented severely with heavy fines on violations in Saudi Arabia due to rising amount of Accidents, as all of you know violating red signal is major traffic offence in the whole world but people might don’t know that in Saudi Arabia if you violate red signal while taking right turn you may get fine equal to Saudi Riyal 500.

Technologically advanced Saher Cameras were always tracking traffic Activities even slightest violation also get caught. Saher Cameras programmed to catch number plate of vehicles breaking red signal while going straight or taking right turn.

Check Traffic Violation Online on MOI Absher

Muroor Department already taken various initiatives to smoothly run the traffic as well as taking care of those who didn’t follow the laws.

Always try to be cunning while taking right signal see if the signal is green or Red. Did not go forward until light goes on to green as smallest distance travel beyond the line alerts Saher cameras and send your number plate to electronic centers of murror and you might get SMS of violation after few minutes. The fine may less or more in accordance to the violation.