Riyals Withdrawal Limit at ATM Per Day Saudi Arabia

Many people came in to Saudi Arabia on daily basis many of them for work, most of them as a beginner don’t know the withdraw limit from ATM and Point of sales from their bank account but don’t need to go any where just read the full article and keep yourself aware how must riyal per atm pos you can withdraw in Saudi Arabia.

Per Day ATM Withdrawal Limit of Riyals:

If you you are wondering that the limit is same as home country than this is not, every country has different banking measures, in Saudi Arabia any person can withdraw 5000 Riyal (five thousand) riyals in 24 hours means in per day. There is also a minimum limit per ATM which is 50 SAR.

Per POS Withdrawal Limit of Riyals:

While shopping with debit card customer need to encounter with card swipe machines called Point of Sale(POS) or Point of Purchase(POP) according to latest report by SAMA SAR 60,000 Sixty thousand riyals can be withdrawn at Pos.

Limit of Riyals as Per Rules:
The limit of per day withdrawal means in 24 hours suppose anyone who withdraw money from atm at 11:58 than he/she can withdraw more after 12:00 AM.

Transferring Riyal per Transaction on Internet banking is 20,000 Saudi Riyal.

Riyal Limit on Bank and Cheques:

There is no any limit while withdrawing money by visiting bank and filling cash withdrawal form, also Maximum limit of cheque is also in corresponding to how much cash available in bank account.

In case you are holder of international credit/debit card which displays amount in other currency such as in USD than the limit is same except you need to convert it to Saudi riyal.