Renew Pakistani Passport in 5 to 10 days

Pakistan Ministry of interior announced online passport service which allow overseas Pakistani to renew their visa in just 5 to 10 days. The initial cost of this e-passport project is 600 to 700 million rupees. Currently this service is available only for overseas citizen. Within Pakistan this service starts from June 2017 from which if anyone in Pakistan could easily renew his passport online during his stay in Pakistan.

The service cuts much of the time required to get token and appointment at Pakistani embassy filling the application etc. As this service is online Pakistani citizen just have to fill application for renewal of their passport online this will take few minutes to fill all details like registration of account, passport application category, entering details of passport, online payment, personal information, photos and then submitting of applicatione-passports-for-overseas-pakistanis

If details written in online application are accurate passport will be delivered to the address stated in online application. The requirement for online application is that individual passport is expired or has validity less than 7 months. The service has no country restriction wherever Pakistani are staying he/she easily avail this service.

Validity of These Passports:

These are Machine readable passports having validity up to 10 years but from those having age less than 15 years the validity is 5 years

Document Required to Renew Pakistan Passport Online:

Copy of Passport and copy of NIC(National Identity Card issued by NADRA)

Photographs size must be less than 5 mb

Fingerprints form

Valid Credit/debit Card(All major Cards Visa/Mastercard) for online fee Payment

This Service is worked in three simple Steps
1. Registration
2. Fee Submission
3. Online Application
To Avail This Service Visit
Documents Requirement for Minors:
Photographs, copy of passport and computerized form B
Parents ID card and passport copy
In case of  parents are not available, Death certificate of parents and Guardianship