Ramadan Working Hours in Qatar Labour Laws

Ramadan is most special religious event for any Muslim and there are rules that were only applied in this month such as timing of Iftar(Breaking of Fast) while there are other man-made rules such as for employees  to ensure the proper relaxation is given to a person who is on Fast. Qatar as a Muslim country fully concentrate on this month and make every tiny arrangement to keep things running smoothly.

Ramadan 2017 will expected begin in the evening of Friday, 26 May 2017 in Qatar.

All Muslim Countries give full respect to those who were especially laborers and working hard all the day while they avoid water and food. In Ramadan rich people arrange mass iftars for poors, workers, homeless persons even without any discrimination.

In Qatar usually Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs announces the timing of workers of civil bodies while empathizes on private sector to keep the burden at minimal for their workers.

In Ramadan the worker hours for Government Sector employees will be reduce to 5 hours from 9 am to 2 pm, but it on the season if winter the timing may vary.

For Private sector employees they can follow their own timing but according Qatar labor Law Article No 73 The maximum working hours allowed for month is 36 hours at the rate of 6 hours per day. Below is official Text from Qatari Labour laws.