DRIVING License in PROCEDURE Saudi Arabia

Get your driving license

If you are in world largest oil producer giant than applying for driving license is not a big deal. Saudi Arabia is not have big mass transit system especially in cities all of people have their own means of transportation due to cheap rates of fuel. There are some modern which run on roads most of passengers are expats living in Saudi Arabia. In this article I’ll tell you how to apply for driver license in Saudi Arabia and what are requirements for getting your driver license in Saudi Arabia.Get your driving license

Documents require before applying for license:

  1. If you own a previous driving license of your native country than must bring it, as it is easier to get license on your previous license most of time they only translate it to Arabic and give you a new card.
  2. It is good to get blood test report ready some 20SR is require to get blood test report form hospitals and dispensary.
  3. Copy of you muqeem Card
  4. Copy of Visa and Passport
  5. Four passport size photos.

Step By step Procedure to get driving license in Saudi Arabia

Only men can apply for license in Saudi Arabia having minimum 18 years of age.

  1. SR80 for Two years of license validity. SR200 for 5 years and SR 400 for 10 years.  You can pay throught SADAD payment from internet, phone and ATM banking. Must take a print of deposited fee.
  2. Go to Dallah Driving School of your area before  7AM along with all document as mentioned above.
  3. Here first you have to create a file which you’ll get from agents by paying 10 to 15SR.
  4. Find eye testing office where eye testing is done. Medical specialist will stamp your file after completion of test.
  5. Now after this get check your license from same hall but in some another room.
  6.  After this initial test will be taken Must take ID card with you, here few things will be asked by a Saudi Guy that how to turn, stop, reverse, brake etc. Must take care of all adjustment like seat belt, position of seat. Don’t get nervous or do thing fast must drive slowly and be patient. Most of time Saudi Guy will pressurize you to hurry up but don’t hear him just take the test easily.
  7. After successful completion of initial test grade is given to you if you achieve A “alif” grade than get ready for final test otherwise make a new file and apply again in 2 or 3 days or first take driving classes.
  8. If you get A “alif” grade then next step is Computer Test for which you have to pay 100SR they give you a computer class entrance slip with time and date, arrive on exact time again on Dallah driving school to take computer test. Result will be pronounced after few hours.
  9. After this its time for final trail if you get pass than you have to go again in computer testing hall with your file if fail they give you a slip for another test.
  10. Sit and wait in the hall after few time they announce your name on speaker, go to counter and collect your driving license card.
  11. In case of failure of final trial, go to another counter where they give you a slip for next test keep in mind only 3 chance will be given. After 3 failure you will have to complete whole process again.