Performing Hajj Without Legal Tasreeh Permit

Hajj performing with permit tasreeh

Tasreeh is a legal permit given to those who want to perform Hajj by Saudi Government without tasreeh perfomance of Hajj is illegal in Saudi Arabia so it is better to know That what happend if you caught as during hajj it is not possible for related government department to catch any expat who is performing hajj without the permit but it is certain that anytime you will be caught. As you know fingerprint of every expat is taken while procedure of giving Muqeem Card(iqama) this fingerprint is identity of you also as before performing hajj every person’s fingerprint is taken So it is possible in recent future when you go to any government office such as Jawazat they again take your fingerprint verfication and at that time you will caught for breaking law that is performing hajj without Tasreeh.

What happened if you illegally perform hajj without permit?

Before you get caught many of services like abhshir account is blocked. Ban for 10 years for entering in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the expat is forwarded towards deportation center to deport them from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Police force was deployed around all of the Hajj sites so that they catch those persons who illegally enters As these persons make crowd more and more bigger due to which many stampedes were happens in the past few years.

All of expat and local residents must be aware of all hajj legal aspects told by government and must hire authorized agent as fake agents can give you a fake permit which will get you in to Trouble.

Thousand of expats were deported to their home countries many of expats lose their jobs all these strict laws were introduced from 2014 as hajj pilgrims were increasing every year and hajj is right of all the Muslims living in the world these illegal pilgrims not only break the law but also make the hajj operation more difficult especially for Saudi Government.