Iqama Muqeem Card Renewal Process

Old manual process of iqama/muqeem card renewal is over due to the advancement of Saudi Government towards modern integrated systems. As you know that already many services related to iqama such as checking iqama status, validity expiry and issuance were become online on the website of Only one absher account can ease up your life also the process of renewal is no more headache of employees, it on your sponsor. He just login to his account than easily renew all of iqama of his dependents employees but first he has to pay fee of renewal. Previously the process is just like issuance of new iqama the hassle of getting application filling, passport copies, photographs, expired iqama copy etc etc. However the time is changed now no need to perform the old manual procedure.

First see the Regulation of Iqama Renewal:

1. Sponsor have to pay renewal fee of 650 SAR
2. At least 3 days before expiry of Iqama you have to tell you sponsor to renew iqama.
3. For family member and dependents under above the age of 18 year fee of SAR 500 will be charged.
4. Also see that what is status of you company under nitaqat system, if company has less the 50 percent employees than fee of labor is separately charge which is 2400 SAR.
5. Medical test report must be provided if employees are from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Thailand, Vietnam

What happens if iqama is not renewed:

1. If sponsor failed to renew iqama of any employee he will be charged with fine double of iqama renwal fee. Same for those who have their family member and dependents.
2. If any person violates and don’t renew iqama for 3 times he will be deported from the country.
3. Once Iqama is expired individual’s bank accounts will be freezes.
4. You must have to submit copy of your new iqama after renewal to unfreeze the account.

Check status of your Iqama expiry Online

How to Renew Iqama Online:

The process require online MOI Absher account follow the procedure of absher account registration if you don’t have any account also this is process for sponsor not for worker.

  1. Go to the official website of ministry of interior and login to your account.
  2. Click on the tab of الرئیسیة to Renew Iqama of your dependent/Employee See the screen shot below:



3. After that within two working days new iqama will be ready, sponsor take old iqama from employee and give him a new iqama. In case if of iqama renewal processing must take a letter from sponsor so that whenever anyone as for iqama give him a letter which states that iqama is under renewal stage.

Worker/Employee than collect his new iqama from the HR office and get a confirmation message from moi that iqama is renewed successfully.