How Much Fee Charge at Dubai Airport?

Are you ready put some Dirhams in your pocket or purse before entering in Dubai if you Not than do it now as Dubai Airport implementing services fee from March First 2016 these fee will charged against facilities provided at airport these fees were approved under executive council resolution number( 8). The amount of this fee is 35 Dirham with some other airport charges. The main aim behind implementing this fee is to expand dubai airport as well as to coup up with huge amount of passengers arriving daily at Dubai Airport. Fee were only for those travelers who were departing from Dubai. Dubai Government constantly expanding Dubai airport recently almost 7.8 Billion Dollar were invested to increase the passenger capacity from 60 Million to 90

Who were Eligible for Fee Payment?

All transit Passengers and every other types of passenger

NOT Eligible for Fee Payment?

Those having age of under two years and cabin crew will be exempted for paying these fee. Also for those persons having departure and arrival numbers were same.

Total cost of Fee is 35 Dirham(Equal to 10 Dollars) and may be some other types of charges.

The fee will be collected while receiving the tickets from respective airline counter. If the you are from outside UAE and want to arrive at Dubai Airport you still have to pay these fee at ticket counter.

Why these Fee were implemented?

As I Told you above the major point of this fee is to expand Dubai Airport as Dubai Government already achieved 90 million  capacity of passenger now the future plans if to achieve the goal of 120 Million passengers capacity from the year of 2023.