2 Procedures to Make Iqama Muqeem for New Born Child

iqama of new born baby in saudi arabia

Expats living with their families must have Question that how I made Iqama or muqeem card for my new baby coming in near future. What happened If my wife is pregnant and I want  delivery of baby in Saudi Arabia? In this  case there is two possibilities first that your child delivery is happened in your home country and you want to take him here in Saudi Arabia While other possibility is that you wife give birth to child in Saudi Arabia In both cases Iqama/muqeem card is mandatory  for child. But the procedure of getting Iqama is different in first case the procedure is lot more long and in second case it is expensive now its on you which one is easy for your convenience.iqama of new born baby in saudi arabia

Making Iqama If Baby is Born in Home Country:

Lets read through how to make iqama if baby is born outside of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Make sure you wife must posses Iqama /Muqeem Card of KSA.
  2. Than apply for passport and and visa of child through good travel agent in home country.
  3. After getting Visa and Passport of your baby its time to travel towards Saudi Arabia.
  4. Now after getting in KSA you have to Pay fee of 2000SAR through ATM or internet banking under you iqama number If you delay the payment the additional SAR 500 will be imposed on you.
  5. These all fee deposited under your iqama funds which you can check on MOI website.
  6. Go to Jawazat Offices and tell them to give application Form for Iqama than attach two photos of your child, attest the application form from your kafeel/sponsor.
  7. Attach photo copies of medical test of Polio Immunization Certificate received from home country.
  8. After than attach photo copies of iqama and passports of father and mother with form and submit the form in idhafa centers in Jawazat offices. Submitting could take some time due to long queues.

Making Iqama If Baby is Born in Saudi Arabia:

Follow the below steps if the child is born inside Saudi Arabia:

  1. Birth Certificate: When any new child born in KSA the hospital issues a Birth Statement, clearly check this statement to know if any mistake in the name of child, now to get birth certificate you have to book appointment with al ahwal Madani, they started online system from where you can book appointment online. See in depth procedure of getting Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Passport for New Born Baby: Getting a birth certificate is only a hard process after that it is easy to make passport, call at your local embassy office they tell you a whole procedure of getting passport for new born baby.Normal passport requirements:1. Birth certificate translated in english
    2. Passport size photos of baby
    3. Both parents original passport and with copy
    4. Application form for issuance of Passport
  3. Iqama of New Born Baby: It take normally 5 to 7 days for passport of your baby to be make. After getting passport contact your HR department of company for making of iqama or complete this process by your self by visiting Jawazat offices where you get an application from with which you have to attach 2 photo of child, parents passport copies, iqama copies of parent, original+copg of child passport and fee of SAR 5 to 10. All things with form can be submitted to idhafa center in jawazat office.